Bathtub & Tile Reglazing Package

The Process



It starts with a thorough cleaning of the tub to make sure all possible impurities are eradicated. As with the 'Deep Cleaning Package' we (after removing the old caulking) use our specialized chemicals to pull out those hard water stains, dirt, grime and or calcium build up that you have been attempting to scrub away for years. This is an integral part of the reglazing process, as it determines the outcome and durability of our glaze.


After the impurities are dealt with, we can start the masking process. This is done by wrapping 12 - 24 inches of paper & tape around the perimeter of the tub, including the vanity, mirror, commode, floor , walls etc. We also set up our exhaust system and turbine (that powers the spray equipment).

Accessible Bathroom_edited.jpg


Finally we start the reglazing process! Here we use our high powered spray equipment to evenly lay our beautiful glaze and give you a brand new looking tub in only a few hours!


Protect Your Investment


With the proper maintenance and care, our coating can last more than 12 years! That said, we got you covered for 7 of them JUST in case. 


Ask yourself why warranty length matters when hiring a contractor(?). Why would someone who truly believed in their own product offer a warranty on said product for any less than half of its life expectancy? 


When you are looking for top quality craftsmanship and customer service, TouchUp Tub is who you want working on your project. Our 7 year warranty covers both peeling and flaking because we truly believe our product will last.


What's Up With Your Tub?

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